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Rules Questions

Two Interesting Rulings 
    Pro Rules:

1. Assume that bases are loaded, two out, bottom of the ninth, tie score. Batter is walked. R3 comes in from 3rd and touches the plate. R2 touches 3b. Batter/runner touches first. R1, assume that he is Luis Rodriguez, decides not to touch second. He runs directly for the third base dougout, happier than anything. Assume further that there is no doubt that Louis has abandoned the bases. The pitcher, having gotten the ball back from the catcher, tags Luis. The defense has not left the field. R3 scored before the tag of Luis. Submitted by Mike Quirk.

Does the run score and therefore is the game over or are we going to extra innings?

2. Runners on 3b and 1b. Less than two out. Batter hits the ball to LF. It looks like it has a shot of going out, but unbelieveably, the left fielder leaps and catches the ball with his glove over the fence. He then hits the wall and falls over the wall, all the while holding onto the ball. Submitted by Bruce Wynocker

What do you have, a HR, Double, out; and if it is not a HR, where would you place the runners?


1. Rule 4.09(b) is the rule that governs according to Scott Graham (NCAA rules interpreter and sometime MLB umpire) and ABUA, Dick Runche. The only ones by rule that must advance are the batter and the runner on third. It matters not that R1 did not advance to and touch second and wouldn't matter if he abandoned the base path before R3 scored. It is an award. Game over.

2. It is an out. R3 scores and R1 is advanced to 2b. The ball is dead once the fileder leaves the playing field.

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