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Lehigh Valley Connie Mack

Lehigh Valley Connie Mack Schedule 
All schedules will be posted to Arbiter when available.

League Rules 
2017 Lehigh Valley Connie Mack Rules
In Connie Mack the 3rd to 1st move is not legal. IT IS NOW A BALK in Connie Mack.
Junior Legion the 3rd to 1st move is not legal. Call the "BALK" in Junior Legion.
Senior Men's the 3rd to 1st move is not legal. Call the "BALK" in Senior  Men's..

As a reminder any feint to 3rd without completing the throw is illegal not just the 3rd to 1st move. This applies to CM, JL and Adult games.

Important: All Umpires must wear a Connie Mack Patch while umpiring LVCM games.

All 1st and 3rd base coaches in Connie Mack MUST wear a protective helmet or skull cap. Please ensure this is followed.

EH can be used. At each team's discretion, a tenth hitter (EH) may be used.

The EH must be designated on the official batting order card prior to the start of the game. The EH may bat anywhere in the batting order.

If all original defensive players are in the game and an injury occurs, EH still can play defense, but EH position is then eliminated for that team and they finish with 9.

EH is just like any other position, and players can be interchanged at positions as long as the lineup order remains the same.

If a team chooses to play with the EH rule, and the team has only 10 players and a player is injured, the vacated spot is an out when the spot comes up in the order when it cannot be filled by another player off the bench.

LVCM Info! 

Directions to Fields 
Lehigh Valley Connie Mack Field Directions

Palmerton CM will play their scheduled Home games at Jim Thorpe HS Baseball Diamond.

LVCM Coaches Contact Info 
Note: If you do not see a coach's contact information on the attached list, check the league's website to see if they've updated their list. The league's coach's contact information is posted here for the convenience of the BUA membership but may not be the most current version.

Lehigh Valley Connie Mack's Web Site Link 
Lehigh Valley Connie Mack Website

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